Address Unknown

Nadine Cloete, South Africa, 2020

24 minutes, English/Afrikaans with English subtitles

Address Unknown is the first-ever short fiction film that is based on the tragic forced removal of persons of colour from District Six in Cape Town, South Africa, under apartheid. This tragedy is captured in a short, fictional way through the eyes of the main character Joey, a postman in District Six. Set in 1976 when South Africa was experiencing a massive wave of anti-apartheid protests, Joey is traumatised and depressed by the brutal destruction of his community as he tries in vain to deliver letters to friends and neighbours who have disappeared. These letters that cannot be delivered are marked Address Unknown. The film captures Joey’s effort to find Ebie and deliver his letters to him, despite the danger of the massive protests. Through Joey’s journey, Address Unknown explores themes of trauma, injustice and friendship during apartheid


Nadine Angel Cloete is an independent filmmaker from Cape Town, South Africa. Her work focuses on identity and history. She has directed various SABC programs and has made four short documentaries: Conversations, produced in partnership with Global Health Strategies as part of the Voices and Choices arts exhibition; Grabouw as part of the UHURU series on Small Towns; Net Een Elim (Only One Elim) as part of the My Hood series and Miseducation as part of the award-winning Why Poverty series. Action Kommandant is Nadine’s first feature documentary which won several international film festival awards

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