Just like That

Kislay Kislay, India, 2019

109 minutes, Hindi

In the outskirts of a small village in India, Mrs Sharma is forced to remain a respected middle-class wife and a faithful, wise old woman upon her husband’s death. Her son and his family, who live with her, have no doubt that she will make sacrifices to help them out financially. But Mrs Sharma has absolutely no intention to do so. Instead, she tries what she has never done before—getting beauty treatments, going to a shopping mall, watching a movie in a theatre, and making dolls. Making new friends along the way, she also tries to maintain financial independence and opens a bank account under her own name for the first time. Through the gaze of Mrs Sharma, Just Like That shows the oppressiveness of the virtue that respected elderly women from a small town in India are subjected to, from generational, class, and gender perspectives.


Kislay Kislay, born in 1988, is a freelance filmmaker and a recent alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Before moving to films, Kislay was an active member of the Delhi theatre community. He has made three shorts and co-written the much acclaimed Soni (directed by Ivan Ayr). Just Like That is his first feature film

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