DIFF 2022 Awards

The Durban International Film Festival deliberately cultivates talent development and grants access to audiences and aspirant filmmakers, particularly women, children and LGBTQIA+ communities, including highly conservative regions of the world. Ultimately, the narratives the festival selects in competition speak to this vision and illustrate the challenges of overcoming adversity and adapting to an altered world. In competition will be stories of hope, stories that show the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it seems like just a flicker for now.


The DIFF 2022 Film Award Night will be taking place on 30 July 2022, and during this evening, the following awards will be presented:

Best Feature Film – R50 000.00

Best African Feature Film – R25 000.00

Best South African Feature Film – R25 000.00


Best Documentary –  R25 000.00

Best South African Documentary – R15 000.00


Best Short Film – R10 000.00

Best African Short Film – R10 000.00

Best South African Short Film – R10 000.00


Best Student Film (South Africa) – R5 000.00

Best Student Film (Global) – R5 000.00


Best Performer – R5 000.00

Best Supporting Performer  – R3 000.00

Best Cameo Performer – R2 000.00

Best Screenplay – R5 000.00

Best Cinematography – R5 000.00

Best Direction – R5 000.00

Artistic Bravery – R5 000.00


Audience Choice Award – R20 000.00


Amnesty International Durban Human Rights Award – No Cash


Artfluence DIFF Award for Human Rights – R10 000.00

DIFF Film in Education Award – R10 000.00

DIFF Award for advancing film in Education – R10 000.00

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