Alain Kassanda |
France, Nigeria |
2023 |
89Min |
English, French, Yoruba
16 LPV
Every Thursday, a group of students from the University of Ibadan, the oldest in Nigeria, organizes a film club, transforming a small amphitheatre into a political agora where they refine their vision and develop a critical voice. “Coconut Head Generation,” a scornful expression to designate a stubborn and brainless youth, takes on a whole new meaning when the students turn this stigma around to claim their freedom of thought.
Alain Kassanda
Alain Kassanda
Tobi Akinde, Alain Kassanda


22 July 17:30 Gateway 8
25 July 19:00 Suncoast 7

Alain Kassanda

Born in Kinshasa, Alain Kassanda left the DRC for France at the age of eleven. After studying communication, he staged movie showings in various Parisian theatres and was the film programmer for the movie theatre Les 39 marches in Sevran, near Paris, for five years and created the festival A hauteur d’enfant, committed to films narrated from children’s perspectives. He has participated in several film festivals such as Ghett’Out Film Festival at the Brattle Theatre in Boston and BAM in New York. Colette & Justin, his first feature-length film intertwining his family history and the history of the decolonization of Congo, was part of the international competition at IDFA in 2022. Trouble Sleep, a mid-length documentary shot in Ibadan (Nigeria) where he lived from 2015 to 2019 was depicted from the perspectives of a taxi driver and a tax collector. The film received the Golden Dove for best film at the Dok Leipzig festival in 2020 and a special mention from the jury at the Visions du réel festival. Coconut Head Generation is his third film. As a spoken word artist, Kassanda is also known as Apkass, one of the founder members of the poetry collective Chant d’encre, inspired by role models like The Last Poets and Gil Scott-Heron.