Rachel Ramsay, James Erskine |
United Kingdom |
2023 |
90Min |
English, Spanish, Italian, French
7-9 PG P
It is August 1971. Soccer teams from England, Argentina, Mexico, France, Denmark, and Italy gather at Mexico City’s Azteca Stadium. The scale of the tournament is monumental: lavish sponsorship, extensive TV coverage, crowds exceeding 100,000 roaring fans create a cauldron of noise, an atmosphere reminiscent of the greatest moments in international soccer history and you have probably never heard about it. Different from any other tournament – all the players are women. This is Copa ‘71, the unofficial Women’s World Cup. Dismissed by the governing body and domestic soccer associations around the world, this event had been sidelined in history. Until now.
Rachel Ramsay, James Erskine
Victoria Gregory, Jannat Gargi, Anna Godas
Angela Neil, Alex Roa, Maggie Olkuska, Gabriel Pomeraniec, John Halliday, Tim Metzger
Rachel Ramsay, James Erskine, Victoria Gregory
Brandi Chastain, Nicole Mangas, Silvia Zaragoza, Carol Wilson, Elena Schiavo, Ann Stengard, Birte Kjems, Elvira Aracen, Elba Selva, Chris Lockwood, Alex Morgan


20 July 17:00 Pavilion 12
28 July 16:30 Gateway 9

Rachel Ramsay, James Erskine

COPA 71 is the first film co-directed by Rachel Ramsay and James Erskine, known for directing renowned streamer series and documentary films for several years, including the forthcoming Flight Of Bryan, the Indian box office topping Sachin: A Billion Dreams, the hit soccer documentary The End Of The Storm, and the Amazon Originals series Le Mans: Racing Is Everything and This Is Football (winner of the 2020 Humanitas Prize). Rachel started out in news journalism in London and Paris and, able to work in Spanish, French and Portuguese, went on to establish herself working across a wide range of unscripted series, each one with an international perspective. IDA-nominated for his film Billie, Emmy-nominated James has been working across scripted and unscripted and his other theatrical documentaries include The Ice King, The Battle of The Sexes, and Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist