Diana Keam |
South Africa |
2024 |
53Min |
English/ Tswana
13 PV
In a rural town in South Africa, the filmmaker undertakes a journey to visit her family’s retired domestic worker and nanny Margaret Bogopa Matlala. The impact of Margaret’s wisdom, not only on multiple generations of Diana’s family but on her own family too is profound. Both families come together in the “new” South Africa to celebrate Margaret’s 80th birthday. Her unwavering strength and indomitable spirit are a beacon, illuminating the exploration of human resilience. This is an intimate behind-the-scenes exploration of a life lived against the backdrop of apartheid and touched by births, deaths, weddings, domestic violence, celebrations, and suicide.
Diana Keam
Diana Keam
Warren Smart, Wayne de Lange


20 July 14:30 Suncoast 7
23 July 17:30 Pavilion 12

Diana Keam

Diana Keam is the oldest of seven children. Her life was dramatically impacted by growing up in South Africa. She began her life on her nanny’s back while her mother was at work as a teacher. Her parents separated when she was ten. The stepfather who then joined her family was physically and emotionally violent with her mother. Margaret was the emotional stability and constant in Diana’s and her mother’s life, and because of this Diana feels she was less scarred than she might have been. The trauma prompted a lifetime of seeking, healing, and compassion for others in pain. She began working in the film industry in her early twenties after studying English and Drama at Rhodes University and has worked across most mediums as an AD, Producer, and Director. Today she co-owns a boutique Production company, Silver Bullet Films.