Vanessa Hope |
United States, Taiwan |
2023 |
85Min |
English, Mandarin
7-9 PG V
With unprecedented access to Taiwan’s sitting head of state, director Vanessa Hope investigates the election and tenure of Tsai Ing-wen, the first female president of Taiwan. Thorough, incisive, and bristling with tension, this is a living account of her tightrope walk as she balances the hopes and dreams of her nation between the colossal geopolitical forces of the U.S. and China. At a time when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated the ever-present threat of authoritarian aggression, Invisible Nation brings punctual focus to the struggle of Taiwan as it fights for autonomy and freedom from fear.
Vanessa Hope
Vanessa Hope, Ted Hope, Cassandra Jabola, Ivan Orlic, Sylvia Feng
Laura Hudock


22 July 17:30 Pavilion 12
23 July 19:30 Gateway 9
Venessa Hope attends a Special Screening of Memory at the London Hotel on Dec 5, 2023 in Los Angeles

Vanessa Hope

Vanessa Hope is an award-winning producer and director who has produced multiple films in China including Berlin International Film Festival selection, Wang Quanan’s The Story of Ermei and Cannes Film Festival selection, Chantal Akerman’s Tombee De Nuit Sur Shanghai, part of an omnibus of films, The State of The World. She has also produced her own short films, including China in Three Words, an official selection at DOC NYC. Hope made her directorial debut with the documentary All Eyes and Ears, an exploration of the complex links between the U.S. and China told through the stories of U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman, his adopted daughter Gracie Mei, and civil advocate Chen Guangcheng. Hope’s latest film, Invisible Nation, is about the first female president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, and the story of Taiwan’s geopolitical predicament, with dangerous parallels to Ukraine. Vanessa and her husband, Ted Hope, share a company, Double Hope Films, with many independent fiction and documentary features and series in development. Vanessa is on the advisory board of the Equal Rights Amendment Coalition and the Fund for Women’s Equality.