Nelson Makengo |
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Belgium, Germany, Burkina Faso, Qatar |
2024 |
96Min |
Kinshasa, a city of seventeen million people, is plunged into darkness and insecurity as its inhabitants struggle to access light. In a relentless quest, Kudi mobilizes his neighbourhood, Kisenso, to buy the stolen cable to restore electricity in time for the festivities. At Christmas, Kudi turns into Santa Claus, illuminating the streets of Kinshasa. Davido, looking for shelter after his house was flooded by the Congo River, kills time by working out and waiting for the river to recede. Teetering between hope and faith is a fragmented portrait of a population reinventing itself in an environment marked by violence.
Nelson Makengo
Rosa Spaliviero, Dada Kahindo Siku
Nelson Makengo
Nelson Makengo


21 July 12:15 Suncoast 8
27 July 17:30 Gateway 9
RISING UP AT NIGHT - Nelson Makengo

Nelson Makengo

Nelson Makengo is a filmmaker whose work oscillates between contemporary art and film. His film Nuit debut (Up at Night) (Best Short IDFA 2019) has been screened at over one hundred festivals worldwide and has been nominated by the BFI as one of the fifty best films of 2020. E’ville (2018) won the Sharjah Art Foundation Award at the Videobrasil Biennale in 2019. In recent years, he has collaborated as a director with Aljazeera and Meta, has been a jury member of several festivals, and is a Sundance Documentary Film Institute and Doha Film Institute Fellow. Tongo Saa (Rising Up at Night) is his first feature documentary.