Inadelso Cossa |
Mozambique, Germany, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway |
2024 |
93Min |
Tsonga, Portuguese
16 V
Immersed in Mozambique’s intricate history the film reclaims lost fragments of history and confronts the haunting ghosts persisting in the darkness of societal erasure. Returning to his grandmother Maria’s village, the filmmaker is driven by a personal quest to expose the untold stories of his childhood during the Civil War. The film is a sensory exploration of personal and collective memory, originating from childhood vacations amid the civil war’s paradox. In the village, echoes of a former rebel mirror the haunting presence of perpetrators and victims, intertwining day and night, reality and imagination. The ghosts of war that inhabit the former rebel possess the present.
Inadelso Cossa
Thomas Kaske, Emilie Dudognon, Inadelso Cossa
Inadelso Cossa
Inadelso Cossa
Inadelso Cossa, Maria Estevão, Moises Langa, Macuacua, Zalina, Elisa


21 July 19:30 Gateway 9
23 July 19:30 Suncoast 7

Inadelso Cossa

Inadelso Cossa is a film director, producer, DOP, and a member of the (AMPAS) Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science since 2020. Founder of 16mm FILMES a production company focused on creative documentary and feature films. His films address themes such as post-colonial memory, post-Civil War trauma, silent voices, and collective amnesia in Mozambique. The unofficial history of his country is always the core vehicle of his cinema where the director positions himself on a personal perspective. His first feature-length documentary: A Memory in Three Acts was selected for Locarno Open Doors 2014 and made a world premiere at the festival IDFA – International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The film won the Jury Special Award at the Zanzibar Int. Film Festival in 2018 and the Flemish Commission for UNESCO at Afrika Film Festival Leuven, Belgium 2020. He was invited to participate as a jury in several festivals including IDFA 2018, Doc Sheffield 2018, and as a documentary programmer at Durban International Film Festival 2023/2024. The Nights Still Smell Of Gunpowder is his second feature film and was selected for Berlinale Doc Station 2019, Atlas Workshop Marrakesh 2019, where he won the first prize, Sorfund Pithing Forum 2020, La Fabric Du Cinema DuMonde Cannes 2020, and Final cut in Venice 2021. It was supported by IDFA Bertha Fund, Hotdocs, IDFA Bertha Fund Europe, Sorfund Norway, and ICA Portugal.