Darieus Legg |
Hawaii |
2024 |
12Min |
US surfer Chad Campbell finds a mysterious surfboard on the big island of Hawaii. The retro board provides only a phone number and an email address as clues to its origin, leading Chad to accidentally uncover a central Californian surf legend, a man called Stoker. Stoker Machine captures the spirit of surfing through surf cinematography with unique, hand-drawn animation and has won eight awards. The film goes beyond the surface-level thrills of surfing and attempts to capture the essence of what surfers call “stoke.” Discover the magical and sometimes funny relationship between surfer and surfboard.
Darieus Legg
Darieus Legg
Darieus Legg
Darieus Legg
Chad Campbell


21 July 12:15 Gateway 9
25 July 17:30 Suncoast 8

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Darieus Legg

Darieus Legg was the featured artist at the 43rd Hawaii International Film Festival and is also a Golden Telly award-winning creative producer. He uses his creative management and deep working knowledge of production workflow to create productions for television, film, short documentaries, and educational learning content. He has worked with the Hawaii International Film Festival, Cornerstone on Demand, Florence Marine, Oura Ring, Motivo Engineering, Texas Observer, Ice Rings, Law Records, Disney XD, Fox, A&E, Global Nomads Group, IRC, and Save The Children.