Sonia K. Hadad, Iran, 2019

15minutes, Persian with English subtitles

A teenage girl is about to leave home to write an exam when her drug-dealing father demands she delivers a bag of cocaine to one of his clients. The day-to-day challenges facing young women and the younger generation of students in contemporary Iran, is harrowingly reflected.


Sonia K. Hadad is an Iranian writer and director. She studied Film and Media Arts (M.F.A) at Emerson College in Boston. In 2009 she completed her BA in dramatic literature from Azad University of Art and Architecture. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree she participated in different professional filmmaking, installation, and editing workshops. Writing short stories for magazines and acting led her to her main interests: Film and Installation Art. In her most recent works, Sonia makes an effort to explore people’s inner lives, women’s social and personal issues, shame, and struggles with their deepest fears through different art forms and media.

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