Visar Morinar, Germany, 2020

121 minutes, German/Albanian

Xhafer, a 45 year old, Kosovo-born pharmaceutical engineer living in Germany suddenly feels discriminated against at work because of his ethnic background. When Xhafer finds a dead rat hanging from the gate in front of his home, it is clear to him that his racist colleagues could be behind it. Xhafer’s uneasiness grows every day. His German wife Nora is tired of him playing the racism card all the time. Do his colleagues simply dislike him? Or is there more to their hostility? As Xhafer loses his job, wife, and his family, he walks a delicate tightrope between his life as an integrated, middle-class family man, and foreigner in his adopted country. A thriller about paranoia and identity that’s simultaneously dark and surreal, with echoes of genre cinema and an unconventional sense of humour.


Visar Morina was born in Kosovo and studied at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts. His much-acclaimed debut Babai received multiple awards such as Best Director and European Cinema Label in Karlovy Vary and Best Script at Filmfest München. Exil is his second feature. The script was honored with the German Federal Award Lola in Gold for an unfilmed screenplay.

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