Everlane Moraes, Brazil, 2019

21 minutes, Spanish with English subtitles

In the dense night, when the moon rises, those who live a monotonous daily life without water are hypnotized by the powers of Yemaya, the goddess of the sea.


Everlane Moraes is a documentary filmmaker and a, graduated from of the International Film and TV School (EICTV — Cuba), specialiszing in documentary direction. She makes films that have a hybrid aesthetic, which dialogues with Visual Arts and Cinema in their different genres. Her cinematographic work has been shown at several film and art festivals in Brazil and abroad. She is currently developing feature film projects: The Ship and the Sea (co-production Brazil, Mozambique, and Portugal—2019), The Secret of Sikán (Brazil, 2022), Germano Black Society (Brazil – 2021) and the Search and Seizure (production Brazil —2021).

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