Shaft 6

Delon Bakker, South Africa, 2020

99 minutes, English

Shaft 6 is set in Carlton, South Africa in 2006. The small town is shaken by the discovery of a body in the abandon Shaft 6 mine of Coleman Theron Gold. Sergeant, Bo Mazibuko and detective, Heinrich Theron, are appointed to investigate the murder. However, tensions run high when the town’s union threatens strike action if the mine is not shut down, and Theron is taken off the case. His father (Johan Theron) is the owner of the mine and they are suspicious of the coincidence, but a temporary deal is reached and the new partners find themselves in a race against time to solve the murder. When Johan approaches Bo to expedite the case, it becomes apparent that the two men are far more linked, and that the past is now not only threatening the town, but them as well.


Delon Bakker is a South African born producer and co-founder of film production group Mannequin. He graduated with a B.A in Motion Picture from the AFDA Film School and completed the SEDIBA Advance Producer program, which focused on International Film Finance. By the age of 33, he had already won a SAFTA (South African Film and Television Awards) and had been appointed to the NFVF Board (National Film and Video Foundation). One of the most exciting producing talents to come out of his country, his understanding of official international co-productions treaties has proved an invaluable part of developing and producing international projects out of South Africa. He is responsible, with his partner Kyle Ambrose, for setting up the physical production arm of their group “Mannequin Production Services”. Delon’s most recent credits includes Love on Safari starring Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls, Party of Five), and has just completed principle photography on Rogue which stars Megan Fox (Transformers, Teenage Ninja Turtles). Shaft 6 will be Delon’s directorial debut.

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