The Art of Fallism

Aslaug Aarsæther/Gunnbjörg Gunnarsdóttir, Norway/South Africa 2019

73 minutes, English with English subtitles

Wandile is studying at an expensive university in South Africa, dominated by white people. As a black trans person Wandile feels alienated and joins a massive student protest at the university. The students demand decolonisation of the university, and soon the protests evolve into a national movement for free education and the end to all forms of repression in the former apartheid state. Suddenly they find themselves the target of attacks by the university leadership, police and army, while internal conflicts threaten to tear the movement apart.


Aslaug Aarsæther’s debut as a film director is with The Art of Fallism. She is also the co-founder of Isme Film. Aarsæther has studied media, fashion design and comparative politics, and she is also a yoga instructor and a rock climber. Aarsæther is now in the development phase of several new documentary projects, and is also working as a journalist.

Gunnbjörg Gunnarsdottir is a half Norwegian, half Icelandic director and film-maker, currently living in Lofoten, northern Norway. Since the start of her career she has directed and produced a number of short films and music videos, emphasizing on the visual art of film-making. In 2018 she completed the making of her first feature film, Forever and Never : an independent feel-good drama about abortions and the pressure in society to reproduce. In 2019 she joined ISME Film in their production of the full-length documentary The Art of Fallism, which she directed together with Aslaug Aarsæther. Gunnarsdottir is currently developing the idea and script of her next feature film, with funding from the Norwegian Film Institute.

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