The Next Few Months

Kayleigh Gemmell, South Africa, 2019

7 minutes, English with no subtitles

The Next Few Months is an audio-driven, hand-drawn animated documentary short, capturing the effects of cancer and its subsequent treatments on an individual and their family, in varying animated styles.


Kayleigh Gemmell is a 24-year-old artist, teacher and digital art masters student currently living in the city of zhongshan in[jc1] South China. The next few months (2019) is her first film. Her achievements include making the official selection of graduation films for annecy 2020, graduating summa cum laude twice from the university of kwazulu-natal and participating in the international symposium of electronic arts (ISEA) held in Durban in 2018. Her interests also lie in combining traditional fine art processes and techniques with the digital medium, producing experimental hand-drawn animations preoccupied with mark, texture, gesture and movement. The relationship between ‘artwork’ and ‘viewer’ has always intrigued her and features prominently in her work. Many of her completed animations, drawings, paintings and independent studies can be viewed on her Vimeo and instagram pages.

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