Baloji, Belgium/Congo-Kinshasa, 2019

13 minutes, Lingala/French with English subtitles

A two-part music video on the pervasiveness of mobile technology. Shot over four days in Kinshasa, the Congolese-Belgian musician Baloji explores our obsession with being permanently online and connected. With a winking sense of humour and an overtly gaudy style, Baloji plays with an unusual blend of tribal and neo-futurist references.


Baloji is an artist in motion, a musician, poet, film director and a man of images and ideas. ​Baloji means “man of science” in Swahili, but during the colonial period, that meaning shifted as a result of Christian evangelisation, to signify “man of the occult sciences” and then “sorcerer”. Baloji directs his own videos and he creates the visuals for his varied projects. His first short fiction film, Kaniama Show, will be released in March 2018. It takes the form of a satire on African propaganda TV shows. His first feature film, for which he has written the screenplay, is planned for 2019.

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