South Africa’s longest-running film festival, the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), presented by the Centre for Creative Arts at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, is widely regarded as a leading film festival on the African continent and a vital event on the international film calendar.

The festival proactively promotes the development of the African film industry. It provides a strategic exhibition platform for local products alongside international films within a professionally implemented and reputable cultural experience. The DIFF2023 will be presented with a selection of films to be screened live in Durban coupled with an online festival that will be geo-blocked and limited to audiences in South Africa.

The 2023 DIFF programme intends to showcase the works of filmmakers who place their imaginations, voices, creativity and lenses at the centre of creating films that inspire, confront, engage, challenge, provoke or entertain audiences.

DIFF’s aims to celebrate excellence in film-making by unearthing and showcasing films that provide a memorable and enriching cinematic experience for audiences with courageous untold narratives or new ways of retelling often-told narratives.

The programming committee and jury for DIFF comprise high-standing industry professionals who have selected cinematic gems that will push the boundaries of the festival’s theme, with a focus on strengthening the tapestry of indigenous and authentic African stories with a global view of sustainability and inclusion.

The DIFF also contributes to expanding filmmaker networks by attracting local and international stakeholders and media and by creating public awareness about South African and African cinema and about global cinematic gems that will enrich South African audience experiences.

The DIFF’s Isiphethu Industry Development Programme promotes and highlights opportunities and possibilities for local film production, and it stimulates the growth of the local film industry.

The programme consists of seminars and workshops that stimulate industry development whilst a community outreach programme reaches out to bring historically marginalised audiences into enjoying a festival experience.

The Isiphethu International Student Film Festival is open to filmmakers currently enrolled at any tertiary institution whose film celebrates innovation, wild imagination, courage, conviction and bravery to tell stories in new, exciting and innovative ways. The Isiphethu International Student Film Festival celebrates tomorrow’s generation of legendary filmmakers today as they shape their careers and make their first real films.

The Centre for Creative Arts upholds Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Creativity as guaranteed in Section 16 of the South African Constitution. The Centre for Creative Arts recognises that artists may sometimes live and work in States whose values may not always be in accordance with the values of the South African Constitution but the Centre for Creative Arts commits to protect and advance the rights of any artist who freely chooses to participate in the Centre’s festivals where their voices and artistic expressions can contribute to building a better world for all people.

DIFF 2023


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