South Africa

Director: Daniel Crouch, Luke Johnstone, Kamogelo Boale

Language: English

The disappearance and death of his father, Floyd, at John Vorster Square has Sonny – being led by Floyd’s ghost – on a surreal journey. This film poses the question of how do memories of trauma become distorted through time and space?


23 July | 17:00 | Suncoast 7

KZNSA Screenings are free of charge



Daniel Crouch, Luke Johnstone, Kamogelo Boale


Peighton Barth


Daniel Crouch, Kamogelo Boale, Sinalo Sithunzela


Luke Johnstone, Sinalo Sithunzela, Peighton Barth and Themba Kubayi


Alex Sono, Craig Morris, Bonani Ngamlane


13 min

Daniel Crouch, Luke Johnstone, Kamogelo Boale

Daniel Crouch is an aspiring filmmaker and recent graduate from Wits University with a BA (Hons) in Film and Television. Daniel’s notable works from Wits include 10TH FLOOR (Winner of the Wits Film & TV Awards’ Best Research Project Fiction and The Rapid Lion Innovation Award) and THE DEATH OF THE SALARYMAN. He is currently engaged in an internship at The Bomb Shelter film company and is independently developing a documentary about the Angolan-Bush War. Daniel’s future ambitions include being involved in the global film industry, writing and directing for A24, creating his own production house, and changing the world through art. Kamogelo Boale is currently 2nd Assistant Director situated in Johannesburg. He intends to work in screenwriting and directing, as that is predominantly where he has honed his skills. He recently graduated from Wits University with an Honours degree in Film and Television. He has directed, co-directed, and written several independent and student films. He is credited with a handful of student film awards for his writing and directing efforts, including a Rapid Lion. Kamo’s dream is to write and direct a psychological drama in the format of a miniseries. Luke Johnstone is an artist and filmmaker who studied BA (Hons) in Film & Television at Wits University where he specialized in experimental and documentary storytelling. His work explores how notions of memory, space and identity intersect. Through artistic and filmic experimentation, he uncovers and expresses South African stories. During his studies he achieved 2 Wits Film and Television awards, Best Experimental Film for his work on MY FATHER’S SUN (2019) and Best Research Film for 10TH FLOOR (2022). His film SIKELELA TAPES (2021) which he co-directed with 4 other filmmakers has appeared in festivals and cinemas across Africa, Europe, and America with a European Premier at 2021 IDFA Festival in Amsterdam.
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