Director: Laura Poitras

Language: English

This film examines the life and career of photographer and activist Nan Goldin and her efforts to hold Purdue Pharma – owned by the Sackler family – accountable for the opioid epidemic. Goldin, a well-known photographer whose work often documented the LGBT sub-cultures and the HIV/AIDS crisis, founded the advocacy group P.A.I.N. (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now) in 2017 after her addiction to OxyContin, and near fatal overdose of fentanyl. P.A.I.N. specifically targets museums and other arts institutions to hold the art community accountable for its collaboration with the Sackler family and its well-publicised financial support of the arts. Since P.A.I.N.’s activities, most of the targeted museums have severed all ties with the Sackler family, and in 2021 Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy.


22 July | 20:15 | Suncoast 8
30 July | 12:00 | Suncoast 6



Laura Poitras


Laura Poitras, Yoni Golijov, Nan Goldin, John S. Lyons, Howard Gertler




Nan Goldin




117 min

Laura Poitras

Laura Poitras is a film maker and journalist. CITIZENFOUR, the third instalment of her post-9/11 trilogy, won an Academy Award for Best Documentary. Part one of the trilogy, MY COUNTRY, MY COUNTRY, about the US occupation of Iraq, was nominated for an Academy Award. Part two, THE OATH, focused on Guantanamo and the “war on terror,” and was nominated for two Emmy awards. ALL THE BEAUTY AND THE BLOODSHED, her collaboration with legendary artist/activist Nan Goldin, premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2022. Her reporting on the NSA’s global mass surveillance won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service with The Guardian and Washington Post. She has received many other honours for her work, including a MacArthur “genius” fellowship and a Peabody Award. In 2006, the US government placed her on a secret terrorist watchlist and for six years she was detained and interrogated at the US border each time she travelled internationally. According to heavily redacted FBI documents obtained by Laura Poitras through a lawsuit, the FBI conducted physical surveillance of her and launched a classified investigation. In 2014, in the aftermath of the NSA/Snowden revelations, high-level CIA officials lobbied to designate Laura as an “information broker” and “agent of a foreign power” to pave the way for her prosecution. The effort was not carried out.
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