Uganda, UK, USA

Director: Christopher Sharp, Moses Bwayo

Language: English, Luganda

This observational documentary film follows Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie. He rises from the ghetto slums of Kampala to one of the country’s most loved superstars and becomes an Independent Member of Parliament to stand to defend the rights of his people. The country’s institutions are controlled by the State to ensure President Museveni, an autocratic strongman who has held power since 1986, continues to rule Uganda. The State is determined to silence, not only Bobi and Barbie, but anyone who supports their cause. This is not just a story for Uganda, it is a narrative for all those who struggle under dictatorial regimes. This story has never been so relevant.


23 July | 12:00 | Suncoast 7
28 July | 19:30 | Suncoast 7



Christopher Sharp, Moses Bwayo


Christopher Sharp, John Battsek




Sam Benstead, Moses Bwayo, Michele Sibiloni




114 min

Christopher Sharp, Moses Bwayo

Christopher Sharp, Moses Bwayo

Ugandan born Moses Bwayo is a Los Angeles-based film maker. He was introduced to film making by peeking through cracks in the walls of local kibandas – bootleg movie theatres housed in wooden shacks. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communication before earning a postgraduate diploma at Kampala Film School. While working as a production sound recordist and cinematographer he met Oscar®-nominated director Mira Nair and was chosen as a boom operator on Nair’s short documentary A FORK, A SPOON AND A KNIGHT. Subsequently, Nair took Moses under her wing and mentored him for two years, working on Disney’s QUEEN OF KATWE. In 2016, he started his own production company in Kampala, Jajja Productions, working on commercial, documentary, and feature films. Collaborating closely with co-director and producer Christopher Sharp, Moses spent five harrowing years following Bobi Wine, a pop star turned politician who ran for president opposing Yoweri Museveni. During the production, Moses was arrested, imprisoned, and shot in the face at close range while filming. Increasing threats forced Moses to flee Uganda for the USA. The film won the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 2022 Hamptons International Film Festival. Christopher Sharp was born in Uganda and has a deep appreciation for the country’s people, culture and extraordinary natural beauty. He spent his early career as a film editor in London and more recently has revisited the profession as director of BOBI WINE: THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT. He met Bobi and Barbie in 2017 and was inspired by their courage. He believed in their extraordinary capacity to enact change, and instantly knew that their enormous sacrifice and resilience needed to be documented. He worked closely with editor Paul Carlin, acclaimed producer John Battsek, co-director Moses Bwayo, and other inspirational cinematographers to make a film which he hopes gives courage to all those who struggle under oppressive regimes.
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