Director: Cyrielle Raingou

Language: French, Hawsa with English subtitles

A group of children attend school in Kolofata’s village, at the border with Nigeria, under a shadow threat. Since 2014, the terrorist organisation Boko Haram has led strikes against the villages and people of the region. In her profoundly affecting debut feature, Cyrielle Raingou follows a group of children as they carve out their own worlds amid the dangers of armed conflict. Raingou, a native of the Far North Region herself, approaches her young subjects with a delicate and unobtrusive observance, allowing them to dictate the reality of their surroundings through their own words and perspectives. The result is a distinct and profound study of the contrasts of a war zone – hope and despair, innocence, and terrorism, the present and future, western influence and traditional culture.


24 July | 17:45 | Suncoast 7
26 July | 17:30 | Suncoast 7



Cyrielle Raingou


Véronique Holley, Dieudonné Alaka


Cyrielle Raingou


Cyrielle Raingou, Bertin Fotso




80 min

Cyrielle Raingou

Cyrielle Raingou is a Cameroonian film maker passionate about the concept and development of a certain African artistic identity, its promotion on an international scale and the economic interest it generates. She often uses legends, metaphors and the symbolism of certain animals to support human stories in their complexity, and the mystery of life. She participated in the "Citizen Connections" project launched by CFI, the French Agency for Media Cooperation in France, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire and Benin in recognition of her project Limegbie (the eye of the woman), which supports women in rural areas to make short documentaries on their lives and civic commitments. As a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow she studied civic leadership at Drexel University in Philadelphia and shot the short film REQUIEM PROLOGUE in Austin (Texas), which was screened at the 2019 Luxor African Film Festival. Her production company Raingou Films has directed short films such as CHALLENGE, THE NEIGHBORS, REQUIEM PROLOGUE, THE LAMB, PARALLEL and MOTHER JUST A SMILE. She is currently working on her first feature-length documentary film LE SPECTRE DE BOKO HARAM, focusing on the post-terrorist period in the far north of Cameroon. Cyrielle Raingou holds a master’s degree in law and a master’s degree in documentary film making from the European Erasmus DocNomads Joint Master programme.
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