Luck Razanajaona |
France, Madagascar, Germany, Mauritius, Qatar, South Africa |
2023 |
80Min |
13 V
In present day Madagascar, twenty-year-old Kwame, who struggles to make a living in the clandestine sapphire mines, is taken back to his hometown by an unexpected turn of events. As he reunites with his mother and old friends, he finds himself confronted with the rampant corruption plaguing his country. Now, he will have to choose between easy money and loyalty, between individualism and political awakening. Under a totalitarian regime, political resistance is a necessary and urgent part of life. Set in Toamasina, this is part coming-of-age story, part political awakening, and a fantastic window into daily life in Madagascar.
Luck Razanajaona
Jonathan Rubin, François Magal
Raphaël O’Byrne
François Hébert, Marcello Novais Teles, Ludovic Randriamanantsoa, Luck Razanajaona
Parista Sambo, Laurette Ramasinjanahary, Joe Lerova, Drwina Razafimahaleo, Jérôme Oza


21 July 14:45 Suncoast 8
25 July 19:15 Gateway 9

Luck Razanajaona

Luck Razanajaona is a young Malagasy filmmaker who graduated from the Marrakech School of Visual Arts. He has participated in prestigious programmes such as Berlinale Talents, the Rotterdam Lab, and La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde in Cannes to develop his film projects. His short films and documentaries have been selected for numerous festivals around the world. Disco Afrika: A Malagasy Story, produced by We Film, is his first feature film.