Liziwe Damba |
South Africa |
2023 |
5Min |
10-12 PG V
When a twelve-year-old boy visits his friend, the boys embark upon some ordinary explorations. Their mischievous adventures begin innocently enough, and they explore the settlement of Fisantekraal through the enquiring eyes of children. They gain insights into people’s lives and everyday existence. We are given a glimpse of an ordinary day in Fisantekraal. As they dart through the lanes their curiosity compels them to become bolder, their decisions are riskier, and the day is less ordinary. Their explorations become more inquisitive and daring until their final dangerous discovery.
Liziwe Damba
Jennifer Plaatjies, Katie Taylor
Kgaugelo Phasha
Liziwe Damba
Sam Marumo, Philasande Manko


24 July 17:00 Suncoast 8
28 July 14:00 Suncoast 7

Student Package 3

18 SV

Liziwe Damba

Liziwe Damba is a South African director who grew up in the Khayelitsha community. She is a writer, director and editor with great strengths in storytelling. She has studied at Film School Africa College.