Kagiso Samuel Leburu |
South Africa |
2023 |
83Min |
16 DLV
A slacker and her friend are in debt to a very impatient loan shark. They owe him a thousand rand and he has in his possession, her grandmother’s much loved and new television set. Time is against them as they attempt to repay the debt before her grandmother returns from church. With possession nine-tenths of the law, the unscrupulous loan shark is threatening to sell the television to recover his money. Will the loan be repaid and will her unsuspecting grandmother be able to watch her television again?
Kagiso Samuel Leburu
Mapitso Ralephata
Kagiso Leburu
Shane Maribolla
Mapula Mafole, Sibongile Gungu, Tebatso Mashishi


20 July 17:00 Gateway 9
26 July 19:30 Suncoast 7
MONTH END - Kagiso Samuel Leburu

Kagiso Samuel Leburu

Renowned for his out of the ordinary creative nature, Sam is an acclaimed cinematographer who has an investigative eye and captivating techniques of executing concepts and storytelling. As a film and television graduate from the University of Witwatersrand, he has explored his interest in storytelling by establishing the Leburugraphy film and television studio in Johannesburg in 2005.