Ama Qamata

From the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Ama Qamata rose to popularity as the leading actress in Netflix’s second African original series, ‘Blood & Water’. Ama portrays the character of Puleng Khumalo in the show which achieved the status of being the number one show on Netflix in the US and the UK. Ama also starred in the popular South African television series, “Gomora”, in which she portrayed the role of Buhle Ndaba, a privileged teenager forced to move from the suburbs to a township due to her father’s debts. Ama played the role of a young Congolese woman who joins a prestigious all-women boxing club in the border city of Goma in the film “Fight Like a Girl”, which had its first US premiere at the African New York film festival in April 2024. Ama has been featured in GQ South Africa and has been profiled in international publications such as The New York Times, NY Post and Teen Vogue. She has been recognized as a style icon and received the Next Big Thing Award from the South Africa Style Awards. Ama has collaborated with renowned brands like Ponds, Nespresso and Mr Price. She also serves as a brand ambassador for Adidas and is associated with the “I’m Possible” initiative becoming a part of the Impossible Is Nothing Campaign in 2022. This campaign is dedicated to supporting women in sports. Ama is deeply committed to giving back to her community in South Africa and has assumed the role of philanthropist by covering the tuition fees of 20 students to attend high school. She has a multitude of aspirations focused on making a positive impact and contributing to various charitable causes.

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