Jon-David Carollo |
United States |
2023 |
23Min |
English, Spanish
13 D LV
Following an argument with his mother, Ocho leaves home in search of his absent father despite his mother’s warning. He is desperate to connect with him and tries to find common ground and understand their estrangement. Initially enchanted by his father’s recall of his sporting exploits they begin to share a drink, or two…. or more. As the night closes in Ocho opens to his father and shares his dreams and aspiration. The reason for his mother’s caution soon becomes clear and the night ends with the ugly truth revealed and dreams and hopes shattered.
Jon-David Carollo
Max Ptasznik
Michael Placenti
Jon-David Carollo
Kenny Pacheco, Michael Martinez, Carolina Hoyos


23 July 17:15 Suncoast 7
27 July 14:00 Gateway 8

Student Package 2

16 LV
7-9 PG V

Jon-David Carollo

Jon-David is a Puerto Rican Colombian born in America who grew up in the jungle for seven years living in Indonesia before moving to Guangzhou and Tianjin, in China. He attended school in Pennsylvania for two years before completing high school in Romania and Abu Dhabi. A teacher submitted a short film he made in ninth grade to the Eastern European Student Film Festival in Geneva, where he won the Grand Jury Award. This began his love for making movies as he discovered the beauty, magic, and freedom that cinema had to offer. He says, “My feelings haven’t changed since. Call it love or addiction, whatever it is, I can’t stop and won’t stop making films.”