Keith Leung |
United States |
2023 |
14Min |
English, Yue Chinese (Cantonese)
13 L
Ken Wong is an influencer famous for his racist Chinese impressions. He keeps his thick accent, oriental robe, and rice hat, an exaggerated impression of his father, a secret. While filming a video at a grocery store, he is caught off guard by a Chinese man and his young daughter watching him. Despite a wave of self-consciousness, he disregards them. Later, at dinner with his father he recognises them as a distant uncle and cousin. Thrust into a crisis of reputation and identity, he must prevent his father from learning about his behaviour and face what it really means to be Chinese.
Keith Leung
Menny Son, Nas Aidid, Reece Daniels, Keith Leung, Julie Zhao
Clint Pang
Keith Leung
Chin Ho Fung, James Tam, Dominic Wong, Nima Pollio


23 July 17:15 Suncoast 7
27 July 14:00 Gateway 8

Student Package 2

16 LV
7-9 PG V
13 D LV

Keith Leung

Keith Leung is a writer and director from Hong Kong, currently based in New York. Raised by the films of 1980s Hollywood, Keith’s work blends his eastern and western sensibilities, with humour at the heart of every story. His most recent film, I, Chinese, received the Jury Prize at the DGA Student Film Awards, while his other work has been showcased on publications like FilmShortage, Beyond the Short, and Curation Hour. Keith recently graduated from New York University with a BFA in film and television production.