Golara Khalilinejad |
Portugal |
2023 |
30Min |
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After the murder of 22-year-old Mahsa (Zhina) Amini by the morality police in September 2022, a movement emerges in Iran, transforming the lives of Iranians. Inspired by her courage they are known as “Women, Life, Freedom.” Beginning at Mahsa’s graveyard in Kurdistan it swiftly evolves into a nationwide protest. Demonstrations and strikes sweep across Iran, resulting in more than five hundred protestors killed by IRGC forces and their allies. The movement persists, causing the Mullahs to lose power and inch closer to their demise.
Golara Khalilinejad
Golara Khalilinejad
Golara Khalilinejad


21 July 12:00 Suncoast 7
24 July 17:30 Gateway 9

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IRAN IS A WOMEN_S NAME - Golara Khalilinejad

Golara Khalilinejad

Golara was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1983. She embarked on her professional journey by writing screenplays for television in 2008 and collaborating on corporate projects with television as a freelance researcher, writer, and co-director. In 2017, she created her first experimental short film titled The Wings. She graduated from the College of Cinema and Theatre in the field of dramatic literature and completed her MA at the School of Fine Arts at Tehran University. Her path took a significant turn when she dedicated her master’s thesis to Navid Afkari, an Iranian wrestler who was executed after the protests of November 2018 in Iran. This event led to her leaving Iran. She pursued her second master’s degree in cinema at the School of Art in Porto, Portugal. Her artistic endeavours were recognized with the Criatória 2023 prize for an artistic performance project in the CRL gallery in the City of Porto. She is currently engaged in producing a documentary series about the women’s movement in Iran while pursuing her PhD in digital media. Her first mid-length documentary film, Iran is a Woman’s Name, reflects her passion and commitment to shedding light on important social issues.