Rolf Hellat |
Côte d’Ivoire |
2023 |
14Min |
Déjà Nu is an audiovisual poem about the about life, death, body and nature, loneliness and connectedness. This collective and personal experiment fathoms existence associatively, appreciation of transiency, the recognition of the body, the ensoulment of nature, euphoria and loss. It is an associative work of polycultural sentiments.
Rolf Hellat
Rolf Hellat, Pape Etienne Diatta
Rolf Hellat
Rolf Hellat, Laetitia Ky, Sylvia Ouattara, Jean-Luc Yonhite
Laetitia Ky, Sylvia Outtara, Doudou Touré, Alphoumar Diallo, Jean Luc Yonhite, Ibrhaim Amani, Bécaille Abdoulmani, Aïssatou Sandra Diatta


19 July 17:30 Gateway 9
25 July 17:15 Gateway 9

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Rolf Hellat

Rolf Hellat studied film at the School of Arts Zurich, Switzerland. He attended an exchange program at the film institute of India in Pune. Since then, he has made fictional and documentary films as a director and editor, which have been shown at Palm Springs Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival, among others. In addition to his film work, he makes music with sensor kinetic object instruments in the duo Oszilot together with Luc Gut and he founded Mictic, a musical body instrument. Oszilot has performed pieces at the Kunsthaus Zurich and the Haus der Elektronischen Künste Basel, among other venues. He has spent time in the forests of Brazil working on an organic farming project, played tenor recorder in Paris sleeping on the streets and tried to walk to Spain with a donkey.