Lebo Magolego |
South Africa |
2023 |
28Min |
13 L V
This short film documentary delves into the importance of storytelling and the impact it has on understanding our roots and preserving our history. The documentary draws inspiration from Aubrey Mogase, an esteemed author and founder of an organisation dedicated to researching and documenting the history of Mamelodi. With his extensive knowledge of the township, Mogase highlights significant local heroes and pivotal moments in Mamelodi’s development. The film ensures Mamelodi’s recognition throughout history and highlights the captivating narrative of Mamelodi’s heroes.
Lebo Magolego
Lebo Magolego, Aubrey Mogase
Kabelo Sebake & Muzi Moholo
Lebo Magolego
Aubrey Mogase, Vusi Mahlasela, Azah Mphago, Mfanufikile Motau


19 July 17:30 Gateway 9
25 July 17:15 Gateway 9

Shorts Package 3

13 D V

Lebo Magolego

Lebo Magolego is a media professional with a passion for storytelling and filmmaking. She graduated from Boston Media House in 2015, specializing in radio broadcasting, and gained experience through volunteering and freelancing at various radio stations. Her love for photography led her to pursue documentary photography, which received recognition in competitions. After working her way up from a production intern to a junior production manager at Weldun, she became a research assistant at Anaphora Films under the guidance of award-winning producer Sifiso Khanyile. In 2020, Lebo’s script, City Jo!, won Best Feature Film Script at the Ishashalazi Theatre Awards. The short film documentary, Mamelodi – A Timeline of Heroes is her directorial debut.