Alessandra Regina Gama |
Brazil |
2024 |
15Min |
10-12 PG
Yoná is an artist. An artist who works in the medium of hair but an artist, nonetheless. In a vibrant and intimate setting, she challenges beauty clichés, exploring self-esteem in an engaging artistic journey. With each colour, cut and curl she unveils a bold multiplicity of characters. Their diversity of identity and sexual orientation are not always easily accepted in the capital of Goiás. Yoná’s mother’s acceptance of both her and her girlfriend embolden her to thrive and encourage a cultural effervescence and the expression of unique style expressed by each of her clients who soon become friends.
Alessandra Regina Gama
Alessandra Regina Gama
Isis Dias and João Dorneles
Marta Aragão, Alessandra Gama
Yoná Cunha, Ana Wilrich, Bárbara Cristina Cunha, Clau F. Costa, Salomão Rodrigues da Silva Neto, Vinícius Fernandes


25 July 17:00 Suncoast 7
28 July 14:00 Gateway 9

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Alessandra Regina Gama

Allesandra is a film and audiovisual researcher and director. She has a doctorate from the Postgraduate Program in Cultural Performances (UFG), a master’s degree in education from UFSCar, a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from the State University of Goiás (UEG) and is a post-doctoral researcher at the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA/USP). She has been a member of APAN (Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals) since 2017. (Des) Aparecido was nominated in the best documentary feature film category at the fourth edition of the Cora Award (GO); acknowledged by the FomentaCine 2023 Project Clinic (DF) and selected by the Curta Afirmativo public notice, dedicated to debut directors, by the Audiovisual Secretariat (SAV/MINC).